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April 17, 2020

How To Measure Your Childs Shoe Size

We are here to help to find the perfect shoes for you – online and in-store!

Getting your childs shoe size right can be tricky.

Little feet are constantly growing and developing so it's important to get it right.

Our online measuring guide will provide a starting point, especially if looking for first shoes or pre-walkers and offer guidance in relation to finding the correct shoe size.

The most accurate way of checking if current shoes still fit is to take out the insoles of the current shoes and place the foot flat on it, lined up at the heel, while standing. If the toes are filling the insoles completely it is time for the next size. If the toes are coming over the top of the insoles in most cases it is possible to go up two sizes.

Ideally, there should be thumb width space at the top for the biggest toe to ensure adequate growing room.

We've a handy A4 printable size guide for you to ensure you measure your childs shoe size correctly. Simply download below and print.

how to measure your child shoe size

Here's a handy shoe size comparison table too:

How To Measure Your Childs Shoe Size 1
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