August 8, 2018

Fragile Protection

During the first months of a baby’s development every body part needs specific care and attention, as do the feet.

At birth, baby feet are fragile. The feet are mainly made up of cartilage and are therefore still tender and very flexible. The bone structure is only really formed in the first year.

baby feet

The nerve and muscle structure have also not fully developed. During the first year the muscles become firmer, to eventually be strong enough to support the bodyweight.

A little layer of baby-fat protects the baby feet. This gives them that adorable roundness and flatness. When growing older, the arch of the foot develops more and makes the flatfooted-ness disappear.

Feet only begin to function well around the first year. That is the reason why babies usually begin walking around that time.

In the first months it is enough to protect feet against the cold with little slippers or socks.

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